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... read instructions first ...

Version 8 is the latest version, dated 9 March 2016

It is strongly recommended to read instructions first, especially the issue related to bloatware and/or program crash.

VERSION 8 of the Master OPML file, 9 March 2016

... NEW collection of journal notifications ...

Version 8 is the current version.

Date: dated 9 March 2016 / This is the current version.

The Master OPML file is a collection of these journal notifications mentioned in the Index of Information Systems Journals.

OPML file in this link, version 8.

individual feed addresses:
As ODS file: Individual feed addresses here.
As XLS file: Individual feed addresses here.

In this file there are the names and addresses of individual feeds.

Statistics for the version 8:
Here is the list of journals which have RSS feed.
Othes statistics.

Version 8 is the current version.

Date: dated 9 March 2016 / This is the current version.

What is the Master OPML File??

... collection of Information Systems journal notifications ...

First, you should check The Index of Information Systems Journals page.

Second, check the list of all journals.

The Master OPML file is a collection of these Information Systems journal notifications, i.e. addresses of RSS feeds of these publications.

The Master OPML File by Jukka S. Rannila

... a way to transport feed addresses ...

The Master OPML File is produced by Jukka S. Rannila, from the University of Tampere in Finland.

UPDATES - be informed with a RSS feed

... naturally RSS ...

You can be informed of the updates in this page with following RSS feed:

What is an OPML file?

... a way to transport feed addresses ...

OPML ??? - check this link.

What is a RSS feed?

...a way to read news feeds ....

RSS ??? - check this link.

You need a news feed aggregator to read RSS news.

With an OPML file you can import feeds to your news feed aggregator.

BEWARE : bloatware / program crash

.... bloating ....

There are hundreds of RSS feed addresses in the OPML file.

Therefore you should install another (RSS) news reader than your favourite news reader / aggregator.

Test the OPML file in the other news reader / aggregator.

It is better to load OPML file first to a different RSS client.

Then it is easier to remove unnecessary feeds and load only wanted RSS feeds to the main RSS client.

IF your current program is a bloatware, it may not handle well hundreds of feeds.

Feedback, Comments, Improvements, etc.

... email address ...

Email address:
jukka   [(dot)]   rannila   [(|at|)]   netikka [(dot)]   fi

Replace [(dot)] with a real dot.
Replace [(|at|)] with "at" mark (usually Alt Gr + 2).

Obsolete versions

... old collections of journal notifications ...

Version 1 is now obsolete, dated 24 August 2009.
Version 2 is now obsolete, dated 21 January 2010.
Version 3 is now obsolete, dated 7 June 2010.
Version 4 is now obsolete, dated 14 May 2011, historical information

Version 5 is now obsolete, dated 3 August 2012
Statistics for the version 5: here and here.

Version 6 is now obsolete, dated 8 November 2013
Statistics for the version 6: here and here.

Version 7 is now obsolete, dated 9 January 2015
Statistics for the version 7: here
ODS file of RSS feeds
XLS file of RSS feeds